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Company Profile

Committed to Environmental Sustainability..… Past, Present and Future
Hygeia Enviro-Clean, Inc., a distributor of commercial/industrial cleaning supplies and equipment, is dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations in delivering excellent customer service and quality products for a healthier, safer environment and a sustainable future. We strive to contribute to the business and personal success of our customers, employees
and suppliers.

Hygeia’s policy is to provide not only top of the line maintenance supplies and equipment, but also support our customers with on-going knowledge of new and improved products, equipment and methods.

We offer prompt delivery service. Our complete, illustrated online catalog is available for your convenience. We welcome your inquiries on any material you find in our catalog; however, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please call or email us and we will assist you with your specific needs.

We hope you enjoy our website and catalog and find them to be useful and informative tools. We look forward to your order and stand ready to serve you.

The History of Hygeia Enviro-Clean, Inc.

Hygeia Chemical Company was founded by Mr. Anthony J. Cuchia, Sr. in 1944. The location of the company was in Galveston, Texas. Hygeia has been and is presently a family owned and operated business. The eldest daughter, Dolores, started with her father as secretary and office manager. From Galveston, the company also served Beaumont, Orange and Port Arthur, now known as the “Golden Triangle”. By 1961, deliveries to the “Golden Triangle” had increased significantly so Mr. Cuchia opened a branch office in Beaumont. Another daughter, Toni, took charge of the Beaumont branch.

In 1965, the untimely death of Mr. Cuchia, also known as “Tony”, resulted in the Hygeia Chemical Company being divided into two separate corporations, Hygeia Chemical Co., Inc. of Galveston and Hygeia Chemical Co., Inc. of Beaumont. Mr. Cuchia’s son, A.J., Jr. took over the Galveston operation following his graduation from Texas A & M. Dolores and her husband, Vincent, purchased Hygeia Chemical Co., Inc. of Beaumont. Patti, another Cuchia daughter, managed the Beaumont operation from 1965 until 1972. Today, all the daughters, including Toni and Jo Francis, are active stockholders.

In 1972, Hygeia Chemical Co., Inc. of Beaumont re-located to a new building with offices and a warehouse at 7550 College Street in Beaumont, to serve the “Golden Triangle” with deliveries as far as Lufkin, a radius of 100 plus miles. A Houston business office was established in 1998. In 1999 Hygeia Chemical Company, Inc. of Beaumont changed its company name to Hygeia Enviro-Clean, Inc. to reflect and promote public awareness of maintaining the environment utilizing the present and ongoing development of cleaning supplies and equipment.

In May 2005 the Houston division of Hygeia Enviro-Clean, Inc. opened a new 12,500 square-foot facility. This new facility houses a retail showroom, management and sales offices and Houston’s warehouse distribution center. The facility is stocked with the most requested products and customers can make purchases on site or order for delivery by phone or through www.hygeiaec.com. Visitors will also note a unique feature - a specially designed and equipped training center called the Hygeia Training Academy. The training center has fully functional demonstration fixtures and six different types of flooring from marble to vinyl, ideal for practicing the correct application of the latest commercial cleaning and floor care products.

2009 is Hygeia’s 65th year of providing outstanding quality products and service to our valued customers and continually striving to meet their highest standards.

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